From softness to intensity
our capsules are perfect for
shops, hotel bars,
meeting rooms or events.

5 Coffee Tastes, 3 Tea Flavors and 1 cocoa

Our capsules are airtight and individually wrapped:

practical, clean and easy to use.

  • Packed in boxes of 40 capsules
    Universal F.A.P system (Lavazza Espresso Point)

Can be used with:

Expresso Intense
Beautiful Espresso Blend with Caramel and roasted notes
Expresso Doux
Well balanced Espresso with slight acidity
Expresso Long
Ideal Blend for Long coffee lovers
Expresso Décaféiné
Rich aroma without Caffeine
also available
Expresso Bio Equitable
Organic & Fair Trade
This coffee from Bolivia is cultivated by the Aymaras Indians in the heart of the Bolivian Andes, producing a fine cup with nutty flavours and subtle notes of dried fruits