Kopi Luwak

Authentic, Heavy

An excellent gift idea
The most Expensive coffee in the world but also a sensory journey on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.
100% pure Kopi Luwak beans
The Kopi Luwak gift pack:

100% pure Kopi Luwak beans
  • 50g net content 100g net content
The Kopi Luwak gift pack:
  • 100g Kopi Luwak beans + 100g blend Kopi Luwak + Natural sugar

Rich, heavy flavor with hints of chocolate and caramel


Considered as many for the best, Kopi Luwak coffee comes from a small animal called the Asian Palm Civet but also Luwak by the locals. The Luwak prowls the coffee plantations of Sumatra and eats only the ripest cherries from the trees. They use their keen sense of smell to select the very best ripe coffee beans. These cherries undergo chemical treatments and fermentations, pass through the creature’s gastrointestinal tract and the actual coffee beans remain whole. In this process, removal of the pulp, mucilage, and parchment are all natural. The beans are collected from the forest floor, cleaned, then roasted and ground just like any other coffee.
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