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Tango Solo

Tango Solo


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The TANGO S range takes full advantage of the patented TANGO Dual Infusion Chamber and UNIC’s, for unrivaled performance and extraction quality. Large Capacity 6.5 Lt boilers, superior components and materials (copper, brass, stainless steel), high performance and precision grinders, calibration for dosing and pre infusion ensure a perfect quality in the cup

Cappuccinatore Option
(Milk frothing at the touch of a button) Superb results for Cappuccino, Latte and Macchiato are achieved with the integrated Cappuccinatore auto dispensing with the coffee, and easily removable for cleaning.

Second Grinder Option
A second grinder will allow you either to prepare freshly ground Decaffeinated coffee, or To have 2 different grindings, for small or big cups

Steam Air Patented System
The exclusive Steamair system that automatically foams the milk with temperature control

Height75 cm
Width45 cm
Depth72 cm
Net Weight76 kg
Beans Hopper1 (1.7 kg cap.)
Boiler6.5 Lt
Power Resistor4,500 W
Voltage230 V (Single or 3 Phase) 240 V (3 Phase + N)

Delivery Capacity(cups/hour)

Espresso (40ml)270
Lungo (100ml)180
Cappuccino (100ml)240*
Caffe Latte (100ml)180*
Latte Macchito (300ml)100*
Water (lt)36
* With Cappucinnatore Option

Listed PriceHKD 118,800