About Us

Since 1892

Cafés Richard is a traditional French-style coffee roaster. Evolving from the Maison Richard founded in 1892, it has remained a family business throughout the years.

Pierre Richard runs the business today with his two children, Anne and Arnaud, combining the human values for which the company is known with the expertise of its specialists.

More than 2 500 000 cups of Cafes Richards are served everyday. Making the coffee brand number 1 in France.

Cafés Richard continues to inspire the confidence of its 20,000 clients, thus firmly holding onto its position as leader in France’s Horeca market, as well as with groups and organizations – despite increasing competition.

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French Expertise

The institution Cafés Richard benefits from a unique expertise, passed down from 7 generations.

The House selects the finest green coffee beans and develops blends of excellence. It continues with the experience of traditional roasting, and the coffee beans or ground coffee are packed under the most sustainable and efficient possible conditions.

The tasting experience is the ultimate phase, essential for guaranteeing the most developed aromas and the right balance.

This professionalism and know-how has given rise to prestigious coffees such as Florio and Perle Noire…


Sustainable Development

Cafés Richard is taking great care of the impact of its actions on the environment. The company is carrying out a carbon footprint assessment. It calculates its greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of the production.

Fair Trade

Cafés Richard is the leader in fair trade coffee in the Horeca market. Through the Max Havelaar Label, their products fully respect people and the earth.


Cafés Richard is constantly increasing its range of organic products:

coffees, teas and herbal teas.

The company pays close attention to the well-being and the quality of life of the people it works with. For these reasons, the Bio organic label shows its commitment.